The PHILADELPHIA CHURCH pulpit was constructed in August 2013. 

The following materials were used:

  • 4 corner posts on pedestal and top: pine, colored using aniline dye and stain mixture.
  • Pedestal base: AC grade plywood dyed and stained to match corner posts.
  • Pedestal & top front, side & rear panels: Philippine Mahogany veneer.
  • Pulpit top: Laminated Oak & Walnut, with Teak book ledge.
  • Rear shelf: Oak
  • Cross: Walnut


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Tenebrae “Hearse,” Candle Holder


I was commission by my Church to create a candle holder for the Tenebrae Service Easter, 2011.  This is what I created.  There is a story behind the design.  I wanted to pay tribute to The Trinity: GOD The FATHER, GOD The SON, and God The HOLY SPIRIT.


As you can see, the design is based on 3’s.  There are 7 candles total representing the number of completion found throughout The Scriptures.  There are 3 groups of candles: 1 on the left, 1 on the right, and 1 in the center.  There are 3 sizes of holders on the left and on the right.   There are 3 different species of wood used on the holders: Walnut, Oak, and Ash.   There are 3 different species of wood used for the base: Walnut, Ash, and Oak.  There are  3 components that make up the holder: the base, the candle holder, and the candle, and the riser are set 3 inches from the handles.


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 This was my first attempt @ doing something like this.  I used a dado set to cut the 4 sides of the holder and a spindle sander to achieve the curves @ the bottom.  I routed the edge of the tops and just used a forstner bit to create the seat for the candle cups.  This project was a lot of work, but very rewarding.  The LORD was with me all the time.  Thank You LORD JESUS.