Built-in Wine Bar & Corner Niche Storage Unit


I was contracted by BLEND Interior Design Studio – Seattle ( See Gentleman’s Den pictures) to construct a wine bar to fit into a 5′ x 4′ ‘L-shaped’ space, and to design and construct a storage solution for a 22″ x 18″ corner niche.  The following shots show work in progress, installation, and the finished product. 

“This Olive 8 Seattle residence was designed for a bachelor in the financial industry for alternative housing in the downtown area. We took his lifestyle and interests at heart and divulged in creating a rich warm “gentleman’s den” feel in a space that truly reflected his tastes and personality. In an empty space near the kitchen, we had a custom bar and bookshelf built to utilize the space and add extra storage for the client. Through textures, colors and ingenuity of design, we managed to come up with a perfect design solution for our client.”  …………………………..  Interior Designer – Felicia Farrar, BA, NCIDQ


For the bar area, the designer came up with the design for the bottom wine storage system.  I designed the overall concept to accommodate her design and to incorporate my design vision, an Oak mitered countertop, and floating shelf storage system above that contains a secret compartment.


Before olive-condo-project-before


As you can see, the space was totally bare.  The small area that contains the electrical panel, and the one next to it, were the areas for the built-ins.  Both were open ‘L’ shape spaces which presented an interesting challenge, both visually and spatially as well.



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The upper, center pedestal, and lower shelving area was constructed using AC grade industrial plywood, which was sanded starting with 80 grit, progressing to 220 to make it workable for high-end built-in furniture.  I used aniline dye to achieve the color, a deep rich mocha to match existing cabinetry and table.



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The bar area consists of a shelving area @ the bottom to hold wine (position of bottles per designer), an oak counter top, mitered to meet in the corner, a 6 inch corner pedestal to hold up the shelving system. 


The center pedestal, upper, and lower shelves again were constructed using industrial AC plywood.  I also designed and constructed the wine glass rack underneath the bottom right shelf.  This project was challenging, but immensely joyful, especially turning run of the mill plywood into something beautiful and elegant as you can see.


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