As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to make things, mostly with wood.  I took my first woodworking class in high school where I made a pine coffee table.  From that point on, I was hooked.  In high school, I gravitated toward classes where I could make things, wood shop, plastics, and sewing.  I even took 4 years of drafting classes, beginning with machine drafting, where I drew screws, gears, and parts, then finally architectural drafting, drawing floor plans & houses, and making models from balsa wood.

FRAMEBACKGROUNDThroughout the years, I developed a love for old things (antiques).  I loved the grain patterns in the wood (I still do), the design, and craftsmanship involved in making of the pieces.  I always would say to myself, “hey, I can make that!”  And now, I get to do just that.

I was given an opportunity to go back to school, as a result of an answered prayer.  I remember asking The LORD if I could do something with my hands, like HIM.  Having been unemployed for a year @ the end of 2009, my prayers were answered.  I was able to enroll in a wood construction program.  Subsequently I  completed my course study with honors, and received my A.A.S. Degree in Cabinet Making & Fine Woodworking from Seattle Central Community College Wood Construction Center. 

The instruction that I receive there was top-notch.  The instructor’s are very knowledgeable with over 50 years of experience in the field.  A person with very limited knowledge of woodworking would be intimidated @ the onset.  But the programs is designed to assuage all fears about the industry and come away with a sense of competency and thorough knowledge not just of the machines and basic to intermediate techniques, but of the wood itself.  For anyone looking to a career in woodworking, I whole-heartedly endorse this program. 

I am looking to obtain employment I what I love to do, working with wood.  Can I say that I always wanted to do this, i.e. make things with wood?  Yes, but I’ve not always had the opportunity.  I was giving an opportunity by GOD to go back to school to explore and realize this dream.  School was not just a place to learn how to make things with wood, but also to learn all about wood, and to appreciate the gift GOD has given us.

Within this site, I have given you a sense of who I am, where I have been, and what I can do.  That you might consider me as a viable resource for employment.  I am a hard worker, with an excellent work ethic.  With the help of my LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST, who after all is the Creator of wood, in whom I owe all to, including this opportunity, I am committed to doing the best possible job, and to serve however I can.