Why, turn it into a hand-held drum sander of course!


When I saw this online, it made a lot sense, I mean alot.  Izzy Swan, a woodworking hero of mine really is a forward thinking chap.  The McGuyver of woodworking.  Check this out?

Here’s Izzy’s youtube channel:




It’s All In The Technique

Watch a master woodworker demonstrate the art of joinery.  He used simple techniques with precision, which no doubt have taken years to  master.  But we all have to start somewhere right?  So get cracking!

We’re all told to kind of stay away from water for obvious reasons such as not to raise the grain, or swelling of a joint, but here he demonstrates are use for that specific purpose.  It’s in the video, enjoy.



If You’re Going To Make A Lot of Identical Parts ……


We all have wished we would have made many parts at one time, and regret not doing it.  Planning is the key to any successful endeavor.  Here’s a video that gives some tips on how to get into the production frame of mind





Ok, check this out. 


Yes, this involves some carpentry, no doubt.  But that’s why you hire a woodworker, a reasonable one.  There are ways to achieve this look on a budget.  Now, it looks like a kids room, but it can be adapted for an adult.  Lower the mezzanine a bit, make some design changes, modify the color, or re-orient the bed.  Your choice.



I’m loving it! This is an example of what wood can do.  You can even use the bottom wasted space for storage or a small closet.



The variety of materials you could use are endless, and the configuration of the overhead compart- ment/office can be placed either horizontal on either wall.

Congrats to the designer on this one.  Remember, get a woodworker to do this and work with him or her.  This look doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve.

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