Ok, check this out. 


Yes, this involves some carpentry, no doubt.  But that’s why you hire a woodworker, a reasonable one.  There are ways to achieve this look on a budget.  Now, it looks like a kids room, but it can be adapted for an adult.  Lower the mezzanine a bit, make some design changes, modify the color, or re-orient the bed.  Your choice.



I’m loving it! This is an example of what wood can do.  You can even use the bottom wasted space for storage or a small closet.



The variety of materials you could use are endless, and the configuration of the overhead compart- ment/office can be placed either horizontal on either wall.

Congrats to the designer on this one.  Remember, get a woodworker to do this and work with him or her.  This look doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve.

Image Source

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