The Perfect Box

The Shipping Container Housing Solution


Back in 2012 I believe,I happened to have a conversation with John Blunt, Owner of Isgood Woodworks in Seattle, WA about Tiny Homes.  He, an enhusiast was living in a micro apartment at the time and was proclaiming the laurels or tiny house living.

As do most, who hear about tiny houses for the first time, I dismissed the concept as a fad, not seeing the potential.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I became re-educated on tiny homes in 2013 when I started to see tiny homes as a solution for homelessness.

Tiny homes are a forward thinking solution to the out of control problem of homelessness.  Several cities are experimenting with this concept and it seems to be working, however not everyone is on the tiny house bandwagon.

Tiny homes aren’t your traditional 1500 square foot bungalow.  It’s a scaled down version to 1/4 of the size of your typical home:

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A large percentage of tiny homes are built on trailers, and some on foundations a shown above.  But I’ve come across what I believe to be the most economical and structural solution – the shipping container.

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